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Isana Higashira is a supporting character of the series.


An introverted otaku girl that loves light novels. Despite generally poor grades, she was able to enter the same high-school as the rest of the characters, where she befriends Mizuto Irido due to their shared hobbies.

A classmate of Mizuto and Yui. Ranobe in favorite geek temperament girl, little friend. From a common hobby of light novels, she hit it off with Mizuto and started spending time with him in the library after school.

Under such circumstances, she fell in love with Mizuto for the first time and confessed to Mizuto with the cooperation of Yui and Akatsuki, but she was confused. However, when she was depressed, she was comforted by Mizuto, and she immediately changed her's mind and decided to spend hers time with Mizuto's best friend while having a love affair.


She has a short bob cut grey hair with no braids and have grey eyes.






  • Her burst size is G.