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Mizuto Irido (伊理戸水斗 Mizuto Irido?) is the main male protagonist in the Tsurekano series. A relatively introverted high-school boy with high intelligence and an interest in books of all kinds, he moved in with his ex-girlfriend after their parents remarried.


Mizuto has brown eyes and black hair. He doesn't care what others think about his appearance and only wears anything convenient to him. He can look handsome if groomed properly (Apparent in Volume 1, Chapter 7 of the Light Novel). Others often describe him as cute due to his baby-like face. Most of the time, he has a dead expression on his face since nothing else makes him interested other than books.


Before the series, he was a loner and an otaku who didn't care about other people. Mizuto is an average high school student but is somewhat distant from others. He loves books to the point that his classmates labeled him a " bookworm," which he didn't hate. He has loved reading books since he was a child and read various works regardless of genre. Therefore, the results in the current country are at the double-digit level of the national mock exam. In addition, his overall academic performance is excellent, and he competes with his sister for first place in the high school exam.


When he was between his second and third year of middle school, he met Yume Irido in the library and became friends. While summer vacation was about to start, she confessed to him, and they became a couple. Since they were both wrong at socializing with others, they hid their relationship. But this ends when Yume, at the start of the third year, improved her social skills while Mizuto remained the same. Mizuto became overcautious about this wanting to monopolize her for himself. This caused a strain in their relationship, which eventually led to them breaking up. Before entering high school, he got news from his father that he'll get remarried. At first, he was happy until he discovered that Yume, his former girlfriend, would become his step-sister, which devastated and shocked him.

Due to losing his mother, he had been called "a poor child without a mother" from an early age.


  • Yume Irido: His former girlfriend is back in his second year to the third year of middle school. Due to her personality change, while he stayed the same, they eventually broke up, but soon after, Mizuto's father and her mother remarried and became siblings. Usually, there are many stupid remarks about Yume, but he is good at taking care of her, and when she plays a blunder, he follows her up and has a gentle side.
  • Kogure Kawanami: He's the "self-proclaimed" friend of Mizuto. He usually teases the Irido siblings together, which makes Mizuto utter endless sighs.
  • Akatsuki Minami: She is Yume's best friend. Due to an incident, he learned of her true intentions, which later got patched up, and he became friends with him. She teases the siblings repeatedly but not as much as Kogure does for specific reasons.'
  • Isana Higashira: The very first person whom he thought of as a friend (Other than Yume). Their first encounter was in the school library while picking out books. They got acquainted and later on became friends. She doesn't act appropriately as a woman towards Mizuto and loves to flaunt her boobs to him.
  • Mineaki Irido: He's Mizuto's biological father. He raised Mizuto all on his own due to Mizuto's mother, who died upon her delivery of him. Before re-marrying, he was busy at work, but Mizuto did not mind.
  • Yuni Irido: She became Mizuto's stepmother after Mineaki re-married her. She acts like a proper mother to Mizuto. She sometimes teases Mizuto by getting a girlfriend.


  • The name Mizuto means "water" (水) (mizu) and "Dipper" (斗) (to).
  • Mizuto's surname Irido means "that one" (伊) (i), "reason, logic" (理) (ri) and "door" (戸) (to/do).


  • Mizuto has the exact date of birth as Yume.[1]
    • Mizuto is 30 minutes younger than Yume.
      • When Mizuto discovers that Yumi was born 30 minutes before him, making her the older sister, he tries to trick Yumi based on an old Japanese legend that in the case of twins, the one born last would be considered the eldest. However, this is highly incorrect due to the Daijokan decree issued on December 13, 1874, during the Meiji era, with the aim of putting an end to this practice. It stipulated that the twin who was born first would logically be considered the eldest. Therefore, Mizuto would be considered younger than Yumi, even if they were true twins.
  • Mizuto has a habit of rubbing his nape when he thinks about something and putting on blue-light glasses when using the PC or phone at home.


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